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A ‘holistic’ approach to life is now becoming a more recognised term, which represents the importance for each individual to learn to live a balanced and Spiritual life.  Living a wholesome lifestyle with a healthy Spiritual approach is fundamental when aiming to attain full body detoxification for radiant health and well-being.

The physical body and mind fit together perfectly with the Spirit, though Spirituality is often the aspect that is overlooked in people’s busy lives.  So if you are seeking a Super Detox it is essential that all of these elements are well-maintained and focused upon.

We understand that cleansing our physical bodies plays an important part in maintaining good health and balance.  The process helps us resolve ongoing health issues and increases our body’s energy.  But detoxification of the mind too, is essential when embarking upon the cleansing of our physical body, and doing this in a holistic way often manifests changes on many different levels, all of which are key to healing.

Changing and cleansing negative patterns will increase one’s health and assist in reducing emotional stress and anxiety levels.   Then during, and post-detox, these feelings are often replaced with more positive emotions such as happiness, clarity, peace and love!

I believe that everyone is a Spiritual being with intuition they can use, simply by taking time to recognise, acknowledge and work with it!  A beautiful, accessible gift offering unlimited guidance and wisdom.  Learning to use your intuition will help you discover the type of detox your body needs and pinpoint which areas need to be focused upon.

Detox can naturally enhance one’s Spirituality in relation to their everyday lifestyle.  Within a few days of starting a cleansing process, we begin to feel clearer, and experience renewed energy.  As the detoxification continues, a stronger dedication emerges towards eating better, and we naturally begin to create time and space to focus on our positive thought patterns.

I advise clients undertaking physical cleansing processes, of  the many ways they can start their own Spiritual detox, teaching them techniques for visualisation and ways to focus the mind.

Begin to create some time for yourself; embark on a form of meditation or prayer, and learn to nurture your Spirit.  Finding time everyday to connect for just a few minutes in silence or by journalling, walking, meditating, chanting, yoga or surrounding yourself with inspiring music.  You can choose whatever intuitively works for you!

Every movement is a spine base articulation, which emerges form a supple jet strong dynamic core. But the ability to feel the core we must slow down our movements, being aware of the transitions as we flow in the class is one of the ways to bring aliveness to our movements, we will experience the transitions between poses as though they themselves are poses.

When we slow down our practice, we can pay attention to the space in between poses, and move from our core body. When we do so, our arms, legs, head, and all of our movements become an extension of our core body strength and awareness. We also become more aware of what parts of the body are “sleeping,” or less awake and aware, and what parts may be overused.
When we learn to become present for the transitions within our practice, we learn to be present for life’s transitions off the mat as well. We learn to navigate these transitions with grace, through awareness, and from our true centre.

Lets work from inside out to unravel this basic need. Hope you can join me every Tuesday 12:45pm to 13:45 for an open level class, and male classes every Thursday at 7:30 to 8:30pm

To book on to one of Marcela’s classes, please call the Yard on: 0208 960 7450 or email:

Relax and Restore in our special classes on Fridays from 7.00-8.30pm

Supported yoga postures designed to balance & restore energy levels, calm the nervous system & release tension, in the mind & body.

With the invitation being ‘letting go, relax & surrender to the breath’, join the Friday evening Restorative class as the working week draws to a close.

Jo Lee is a Yoga teacher & massage therapist.  Originally qualified with Sivananda (TTC ATTC) & currently working under the guidance of Sama Fabien of Aurolab Yoga Project. Jo qualified with Tri Yoga’s Anna Ashby; restorative yoga teacher and regularly incorporates this practice into her life & is keen to share the benefits with others.

Pre-book £12/£15 drop-in, booking is strongly advised, as spaces are limited.

To book please call Jo on 07971 421138/

morning yoga @ gracelands yard

The wonderful Samira  Schmidli takes theses lovely morning Vinyasa Yoga classes each Wednesday morning. Classes start at 9.30am and lasts 60 minutes.  Plenty of time to stretch out, breathe, tone up and relax at the end! It is an open class for all levels, including beginners.   6 x 90 minute classes for just £50 or £10 drop-in fee.

Booking is advisable, as class size is limited to 8 places. Call Kirsty on 07976 74 73 22.  Further details are available on our Timetable page. See you there! Omm shanti…

This week Samira shares with us two inspirational Yoga poses.

☼ Halasana - Plough pose. Benefits: It opens up the back-line, strengthens and tones muscles of the shoulders, arms and legs. It is calming on the nervous system and in turn helps to reduce stress. Don’t do it if you have any upper back issues, or if your neck is straining or you suffer from high blood pressure.

☼ Matsyasana Fish (or as I like to call it, Mermaid pose) as a counter-posture to Halasana. Benefits: Heart opener and opens all the little muscles in between your ribs, chest and throat. Be careful and ask for advice if you have lower back or neck issues and/ or are suffering from high or low blood pressure.

Samira Schmidli teaches Wednesday morning Restorative Yoga at the Yard, and runs weekend workshops on Being the Best You Can Be.

Be the best you can be!

Are you a runner or a cyclist who does not want to get injured? Or are you tired of facing the same old injuries again and again? Is stress in your way?

Or are you someone that wants to learn new ways to move, in order for you to feel healthy and youthful again?

The Yard brings you a two-hour workshop from Samira Schmidli, a movement and yoga teacher RYT500. She is qualified as a Fascia Fitness Trainer through Robert Schleip.

In this workshop, you will get a better understanding as to how and why we need to develop our fascial (connective tissue) system in order for you to achieve more in your current movement regime and to help you avoid getting injured.

You will be given practical tools that will enable you to put this work in to practice. We will also look at different breathing and meditation techniques to help you find improved concentration and greater relaxation.

Our next Be the Best you Can Be date is to be announced.

Prices are £20 per person. Please bring a notebook if you wish to take notes and wear loose comfortable clothing. Limited places, so please reserve a place in advance. To book email: or call Kirsty on 07976 74 73 22.

kids yoga @ gracelands yard

Kids’ Yoga takes place here at the Yard every Monday afternoon from 4-5pm.  Suitable for children aged over 5 and only £6.50 per class. Or, two siblings can attend together for just £10!  Becca Harrison shows the perfect way for children to exercise, stretch out, learn about yoga and breathing techniques, have lots of fun and learn how to relax!  If you would like to attend a trial class, these are priced at just £4.  Please call Kirsty for more information or to book a place in class: 07976 74 73 22.

Mother and Baby Yoga, now at The Yard!  Katie Myers will be teaching the class which is suitable for new Mums and their babies from newborn to crawling!

Mother and Baby is a great way to practise yoga with your baby, in a friendly and supportive environment. The focus is to encourage post natal recovery, by stabilising the pelvis, strengthening core muscles and releasing tension from the body. This helps to raise energy levels and increase a sense of ease within the body. All of this is done whilst engaging your baby with songs and movements, providing an excellent opportunity to bond and spend time with your baby and meet other parents and carers to share the experiences of caring for a new baby.

No experience is required and all are welcome. Babies start at approx 6 weeks + and continue until they start to crawl.

Katie Myers is an experienced Pregnancy, Post Natal & Children’s Yoga teacher.  She has studied pre-natal yoga with Birthlight & Children’s Yoga with the Special Yoga Centre.

Classes cost £10 to drop in where spaces are available or 4 classes for £32.  Booking is advisable for this class.  For all further information and to book a place in class for you and your baby, please contact Katie Myers on 07974 712 422.

Starting Friday 2nd May!

Gorgeous early morning yoga comes to The Yard on Fridays at 7.30am till 8.30am. The lovely Becca Harrison joins us to help you relax and let go of the stresses of the week, and give a healthy kick-start to your weekend.

This class is for adults only, but suitable for all ability levels and no previous experience is required. Mats, blocks and blankets are provided, as well juice and water. £32 for four classes, or £10 to drop-in.

Booking essential!

To book or for more information, call Kirsty on 07976 747322.

Gong Meditation Spring Equinox!

730-930pm Friday 21st March

Join us for a very special Spring Equinox celebration with gentle yoga, breathing, gong, story telling, food and drinks!

Price is £10 per person & food donations are very welcome. There are limited places so booking soon is advisable!

For more information and to book, please call Kirsty on: 07976 74 73 22 or The Yard on: 020 8960 7450.

Alternatively, you can email us on: